About Us

About Us

The Madam Glam Academy is the online nail education platform you have been waiting for! 

Learn nail art techniques you have always wanted to create. Be in control of your own education!

Learn whenever and wherever you need!

The Madam Glam Academy’s curriculum was designed in such a way that welcomes everybody, whether you're just starting your basic training to become a nail artist or you're looking for a workshop to improve your skills: with Madam Glam Academy you will achieve perfection.

Don’t worry about those time-consuming general classes you normally take at a traditional college. At Madam Glam Academy, all courses are independent from one another, designed in such a way that you won’t miss a thing. You do not have to go through all the courses. You can join the ones that are of interest to you and help you learn a wide range of skills, so you can be confident in your techniques.

Flexible Hours

Do you have a busy schedule? No problem. At Madam Glam Academy we offer day, evening and weekend classes so you can achieve your nail goals with ease and flexibility from the comfort of your home!

What can you learn?

  • The Basics of Gel Polish
  • Tips & Tricks of Gel Polish
  • Nail structure, shape, and growth
  • Natural Nail Care
  • Current trends in the Nail Art
  • Complex products made easy

How does it work?
Step 1. Select the course you are interested in.
Step 2. Make sure you have at home the products you need to practice with during the course. In case you do not have them, no worries, you can purchase them at check-out at 50% OFF. The course’s kit of products can be customized to your needs.
Step 3. After you proceed with the payment process, you will receive a confirmation email
Step 4. One day before the course starts, you will receive an email with all the details regarding your access.
Step 5. Enjoy and start learning nail art, one course at a time!

After-Course Support
Once you are done with your course, you will receive continuous support from our educators on our Private Facebook Group - MG Academy Support. Our educators are here to help you out with advice to perfect your technique and revise your work!