Bundle Drill & Bits


The bundle contains the Nail Drill - Mini Polishing Pen and the Nail Drill Bits Set.

This nail polish pen can be easily used to remove all kinds of soak off gels, builders polygels and acrylic nails, making it a good choice for professional or home use.

*Can be shipped worldwide, except: Germany, Egypt, Hong Kong and Laos


  • Multifunctional: suitable for UV/LED Gel, Builder Gel, One Step Gel & Polygel.
  • Equipped with led light: if you are in a place with low light, this led light will play an important role. It can help you to quickly remove the gel, save time, and even to improve your nail art efficiency.
  • Rechargeable electric nail file: with a USB charging, no need to buy a conversion socket, when you travel. You can use it all over the world, it is more convenient.
  • Easy to use: the speed is fixed, no need to adjust the speed. All you have to do is to select the rotation direction, you can use it at once.
  • Premium Ceramic Material Bits- made of superior ceramic material and crafted with delicacy, they are sharp and durable. The ceramic Nail Drill Bits have an excellent heat dispersion, which makes them safer for your nails during long-time use, compared to the metal bits.
  • 3 different shapes and sizes bits: 1 ceramic Small Ball Bit, 1 ceramic Flame Bit and 1 ceramic Small Flame Bit. The Flame Bit will easily remove all kinds of gels, polygels and acrylic nails. While the Small Ball and Small Flame will help you clean your cuticle area.

Specifications of the Nail Drill:

  • Led lighting aid
  • Includes: 1 Standard Ceramic drill bit -2.35 grit
  • Speed/torque: 12000 RPM/55g cm per min
  • F/R button - used to change rotation direction
  • Dimension: 6.4 /0.6 inches | 16.3 /1.6 cm
  • Lithium battery power
  • Color: Pink