Nail Drill Bits Set


Professional Ceramic Nail Drill Bits Set

The Ceramic nail drill bits revolutionizes your professional nail art work. You can easily remove your gel polish and do your own manicures like a pro at home.

Premium Ceramic Material - made of superior ceramic material and crafted with delicacy, they are sharp and durable. The ceramic Nail Drill Bits have an excellent heat dispersion, which makes them safer for your nails during long-time use, compared to the metal bits.

Multifunctional - 3 different shapes and sizes: 1 ceramic Small Ball Bit, 1 ceramic Flame Bit and 1 ceramic Small Flame Bit. The Flame Bit will easily remove all kinds of gels, polygels and acrylic nails. While the Small Ball and Small Flame will help you clean your cuticle area.

Time and Money Saving - Takes off the gel polish, dip powder, or acrylic layer in half of the time you would spend at the salon.

Safe and Healthy - They could be used for polishing nail surface or even getting into tight areas such as sidewalls and cuticles part.