Professional Nail Brush Bundle


A bundle that gathers the best nail brushes for creating unique nail art designs. Whether you are a nail enthusiast or a professional nail tech, you will love this bundle as it contains:

  • Professional Ultra Liner Nail Brush - 9 mm Ultra Fine Point
  • Professional Long Fine Liner Nail Brush - 11 mm Ultra Fine Point
  • Professional Detail Liner Nail Brush - 7mm Ultra Fine Point
  • Professional Gel Ombre Nail Brush - Bristle length - 15mm | Width - 6mm
  • Professional Gel Application Nail Brush - Bristle length - 8mm | Width - 5mm

INCLUDES: High-quality artificial leather Nail Brush Pouch Holder. Can be easily turn into a brush holder when used at home. 


  • Color: Black with Golden Cap
  • Brush length - 6.69 inches | 17 cm
  • Perfect for professional nail salons and DIY nail art at home
  • The brush comes with matching golden cap for protection and storage
  • Nylon Bristle - stays in shape after each use
  • Eco-Friendly wooden handle covered with an UV coat for protection

First time use tip: to soften the bristle, dip your brush a few times in base coat gel then wipe it out. 

Tips for maintaining and keeping the brushes clean:

  • Take a small amount of a clear gel (base coat, top coat, clear builder gel) and lay it out on your palette. Run the brush through the clear gel. The clear gel will pull the color out of the bristles. This way you don’t have to worry about damaging the hairs with any king of chemicals or solvents
  • Leave some of the gel on the brush, it will keep the bristles together and saturated
  • Make sure to place the lids on the brushes to prevent any kind of UV light exposure
  • While in use, keep the brush away from sunlight or your LED/UV lamp as it will cure any gel on your brush. Take care when placing the lid back onto your brush
  • Do not use any cleaning products (acetone, alcohol)


  • Handle - wood
  • Bristles - nylon (synthetic)