Steam off Gel Remover


A professional gel remover ideal for both home use and professional salons. This device will help you take off any kind of gels in just a few minutes.

All you need to do:

  • take off the lid and the top cover
  • add 5-10ml of acetone in the special designed tray and put back the cover
  • turn it on and wait for the beep (2min and the S light will be on)
  • put your hands in the gel remover device. For most of the gels a steaming of 5 minutes is sufficient, however we suggest 10 minutes for great results!
  • you can easily take the gel off with a wood stick.
  • switch off the machine when you are done.

We suggest you file the top coat before soaking!


  • Color : White
  • Plug : US
  • Flaps made of rubber