Sun5+ EU - 48 W UV/LED Lamp + Adapter


The new Sun5+ LED/UV lamp ideal for both home use and professional salons with a fast curing time program. This lamp is suitable for drying UV gels, Extend gels, LED formulated gels, Polygels, Acrylic nails and many more, allowing you to cure both hands at the same time.


  • US Plug with EU Adapter
  • 24 Led Beads
  • Power: 48 W
  • Input: 100-240 V 50/60 HZ
  • Output: 2.5A
  • Wave Lenght: 365+405nm
  • Size: 12.83 / 7.67 / 4.52 inches
  • Color: White

Larger LCD Display: LCD screen displays nail curing time and it is equipped with a time memory function that you can set for 15s, 30,s 60s or 99s (Low Heat Mode for sensitive nails).

Smart Over Temperature Protection: it relieves the burning sensation, making your curing time comfortable and safe!

Unique Low Heat Mode: - The Sun5+ UV/LED Lamp has a unique low heat mode which can relieve burning sensation, solving the problem of tingling fingers when you cure soak-off gels & acrylic nails. When using the "1/2" time control (DC Connector), the power of the LED Lamp will be cut in half and the maximum working time is 99s.

More space for your hands: It is large enough to fit both hands or both feet inside at the same time! Our UV/LED manicure light can dry nails evenly and speeds up your at-home nail curing!

Eco-friendly & Energy Saving mode: Conserves electricity and avoids the cost of replacing light bulbs! Our 48W UV/LED lamp is equipped with 24 UV/LED bulbs that can last up to 50,000 hours!

The Removable Tray: Makes it easy to clean or cure your toenails!